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Renew as a Notary with Notary Public Underwriters

Full Service Notary Bonding

Notary Public Underwriters offers full service bonding for notaries in the states of Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska and Texas. Our online interactive application steps you through the state approved application and allows you to customize your notary package including the ability to upgrade your package stamp. We offer a variety of notary supplies that will help you perform your notarial duties to the best of your ability. Notary Public Underwriters provides notary education and training opportunities in each state. Missouri requires renewing notaries to take mandatory notary education and we offer a state-certified course to fulfill that requirement. Alabama and Tennessee have county-based rules for renewing your notary commission. Notary Public Underwriters provides the county approved paperwork and the custom notary package process like our other states. We also file the application with the county for you in most instances so that you don't have the extra hassle. Visit our state specific sites below for more details on how to renew your commission in your state.

Notary Bond & Supplies

We sell the required notary bond in Arizona, Indiana, and New Mexico. In these states, you will need to file paperwork with your State on your own, but we provide the Notary Bond and any supplies that you may need and are here to step you through the entire process. Let us help you make renewing your notary commission simple and easy!