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Notary Public Record Book

Pink Notary Public Record Book



The State of California requires the use of a notary public record book.

Show your professionalism with flair with our Pink Notary Public Record Book. This chic record book is a harmonious blend of functionality and style. Packed with room for over 250 entries to provide you with an organized record of the notarial acts you performed. It includes "how-to" instructions, ensuring no detail is missed. Additionally, this record book features chronological numbering, making it easy to detect if any tampering has occurred. This record book is not just an accessory but a necessity for those in the notary profession.

Why Notaries Need a Record Book

Maintaining a record book is a fundamental best practice, and is required or strongly recommended in most states. It serves as a vital tool for recording the specifics of each notarial act performed. If a notarization ever comes into question, or a lawsuit is filed against the notary, a record book can provide crucial information needed regarding the transaction in question.

A notary should never share their record book with another notary. The record book contains private and possibly sensitive information about the individuals for whom notarial acts were performed. Sharing a record book or allowing unauthorized access to a record book might lead to unauthorized alterations or discrepancies, potentially resulting in legal and ethical complications for those involved. To uphold the office of notary public, it is essential for each notary to keep their record book strictly under their own control at all times and not share it with others.

A Notary Public Record Book Entry Should Contain:

  • Record of the notarial act performed
  • Title and date of the document
  • Method of identifying the signer
  • Information about the signer, including their original signature
  • Any unusual circumstances associated with the notarization
  • Fees charged for a notarial act

Remember, keeping a record of all notarial acts you perform is either required or strongly recommended in most states. So, why not make it fashionable? Add a fun pop of color to your notary toolkit today!


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