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Mobile Vermont Notary Stamp
Mobile Vermont Notary Stamp
Green Mobile Notary Stamp
Blue Mobile Notary Stamp
Charcoal Mobile Notary Stamp
Fuchsia Mobile Notary Stamp
Orange Mobile Notary Stamp
Red Mobile Notary Stamp
Silver Mobile Notary Stamp
Yellow Mobile Notary Stamp
Mobile Vermont Notary Stamp

Mobile Vermont Notary Stamp

Case Color
Commission Name

Exactly as it appears on your commission certificate
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Please email proof of your current Vermont notary commission to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to complete your order. 

This Vermont Mobile Notary Stamp is perfect if you are always on the go. The slim design makes it convenient for traveling, while still producing crisp and clear Vermont notary seal impressions. Just press on the clip and place your notary seal impression exactly where you want it. The unique pyramid shape of the open Vermont Mobile Notary Stamp and the central stabilizer ensures even distribution of pressure on the text-plate for a crisp, clear impression. Thanks to the unique construction of the Vermont Mobile Notary Stamp, the retractable text-plate and pad keeps ink off of the exterior of your stamp. This stamp is available in many exciting case colors!

The Vermont Mobile Notary Stamp, with unique single-hand operation, is the simplest, most stable and cleanest pocket stamp ever. Its modern design underlines the innovative functionality and makes it a practical, attractive accessory on the move. This Vermont notary stamp displays your commission information. Click on the imprint image above to view an example of the notary stamp layout. Our Vermont notary stamps have black ink, if you would prefer a different color ink, please contact our customer service team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after you have placed your order.


The intelligent technology enables opening, stamping and closing with just one hand.


The unique pyramid shape with stable 5-point support ensures optimal pressure distribution across the entire text plate guaranteeing smooth, clean imprints.


The recessed ink cartridge prevents contact with the stamp's ink and keeps your fingers clean.

Our highly skilled production department is committed to quickly and accurately producing the best quality notary products. We are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our notary stamps.


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