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Notaries: Do Not Forget The County For Your Venue

Do not forget the county in your venue The Oath of Office is a section at the bottom of your bond. It is a notarized portion to confirm you have sworn, or affirmed, that everything in your application is the truth and you will uphold Alabama notary law. The Oath of Office needs to be notarized prior to your renewal or your new application being submitted to the county for approval.   STATE OF ALABAMA   _________________ County   I, __________________, do solemnly swear (or affirm)……     At the top of the Oath of Office, is a place for the notary to write in your name and the county (as seen above). The county in your venue is extremely important. It states the county where the Oath of Office was notarized, NOT the county of residence. At the top of your bond your county of residence is listed, do not let that confuse you. As any notarial document, the venue reflects the physical location of the notary and the signer when the notarial act was completed. This can be different and it will not affect your application. You can have the Oath of Office notarized in any county in Alabama, it does not have to be in the county you reside in. If you see this is left blank, you should ask it to be completed. Forgetting to write in your venue is one of the most common mistakes. We cannot process your application until it is fully completed. If you have any questions, please call our customer care line at 800.826.1626 or post a question to our notary forum.