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Why You Should be Buying a Laser Printer

why a notary needs a laser printer

Why You Should be Buying a Laser Printer

A laser printer with two trays should be your life line. As a signing agent, you will print a lot of documents. Ink and paper will be some of your main, day-to-day expenses.

What to Spend On

That being said, do not go cheap on your equipment. Would you buy a cheap notary stamp? Your printer is just as vital to your business as your notary seal. If it runs smoothly, it will save you plenty of headaches and frustration. It is worth the investment. Many times though, you can go cheaper with your ink supplies. When buying a printer, you should check what ink it requires. Many times, there are alternative brands you can use that will save you money. Shop around for a higher quality printer that will not eat away profits with its toner usage.

Why a Printer is Necessary

Some notaries think a printer is not necessary, or is a pointless expense, for they can have documents printed elsewhere. Never send your documents to a FedEx or a similar store to be printed. Many signing agents say it saves them time and money to have someone else print the documents, but this violates the privacy of your clients. It is not a good idea. How would you feel if you were the borrower and you discovered your signing agent sent your sensitive loan documents to a printer? Additionally, what would you do if there was a problem at the printing company and they were not able to provide printing services? In this case, you would have to spend more money and time driving to another location to collect the paperwork. It may seem like you are saving money, but it could actually cost you a lot by hurting your reputation. Your reputation is everything in a small circle of title companies. A good quality printer will earn its place in your notary office. Ask around on forums, or ask your mentor what printer they prefer. We recommend a laser printer because they do not smudge the ink. The majority of the signing agents and notaries we know prefer a laser printer for their notary needs.