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Is A Mobile Notary Stamp Right For You?

Mobile Notary Stamp

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    We live in a time where the majority of people we see, carry with them a highly advanced computational device. It seems as though smart phones have completely changed the dynamic in which we retrieve and transmit information. Yet despite all that digital space, people are still carrying documents, and notaries are still carrying stamps to perform notarizations on theses documents. If we live in a world where people are fitting entire computers into their pockets, a notary should be able to enjoy that same ease of access with their notary stamp.    

Our highly skilled production department, wants to ensure that ALL our notaries are utilizing ALL the products and tools our team is able to provide.

  The mobile notary stamp is a perfect alternative to the more traditional rectangular self-inking stamps, if you are like thousands of other notaries, and constantly find yourself performing notarial acts outside of an office setting. You will also appreciate the convenience of the mobile stamp if you are a notary who specializes in excellent service, and prefers to bring your skills directly to your customer. For many intents and purposes, our mobile notary stamp can work for you.    


  The mobile stamp produces crisp seal impressions. The unique pyramid shape of the mobile stamp allows for an even distribution of pressure; maintaining its firm structure while not rocking. This ensures a clean and clear imprint every single use.  


  Its intelligent design allows opening, stamping, and closing with just one hand. Its slim profile makes it a convenient travel companion, and it’s built in clip makes it easily accessible.  


  This stamp keeps your fingers clean! The recessed ink cartridge prevents you from ever having to handle the polymer or the pad, so the outside of the stamp stays ink-free!  Ink pads can be changed with the simple click of a button as well.    
To purchase your mobile notary stamp today, click on the link below and select your state!
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