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I’m a convicted felon. Can I apply to become a Florida notary?

According to the State of Florida’s Governor’s Reference Manual for Notaries Public, if you have ever been convicted of a felony charge, you must have your civil rights restored in order to be eligible for a notary commission, pursuant to Article VI, section 4(a) of the Florida Constitution.

Applicants that have been convicted of a felony, or ever had adjudication withheld or a sentence suspended must submit the following documents along with the Florida notary application:

  1. A written statement regarding the nature and circumstances of the charge(s);
  2. A copy of the court judgment and sentencing order, or a complete court document;
  3. If convicted, a copy of the Certificate of Restoration of Civil Rights (or pardon).

The name of this document may vary depending on the state where the conviction occurred. If the conviction occurred in a state that does not provide a document of this nature upon the restoration of civil rights, the applicant is responsible for providing an explanation and substantial evidence as proof of the fact.

This information is required, whether the felony charges were brought by the State of Florida, another state, or the United States. If adjudication was withheld and civil rights were not forfeited, the written statement and court documents are sufficient.

Upon receipt of your notary application, bond and supporting documents, the Governor's office will perform a background check and determine to approve or deny your request to become a notary.

To obtain information about the restoration of civil rights in the state of Florida, you may contact:

Office of Executive Clemency
4070 Esplanade Way
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2450
(850) 488-2952

If you would like to further discuss your Florida notary application and the requirements to become a Florida notary, please call us, Notary Public Underwriters, your Florida notary bonding agency. We are always happy to help you navigate through the Florida notary application process. You can reach our Florida notary service department at (800) 821-0821.