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Survey – Most Who Used RON Would Recommend It to Others

According to a survey issued by a prominent national land title* company, a significant majority of consumers whose recent home closings were completed using remote online notarization technology called the process “secure” and “convenient.” 
* A company that researches and confirms clear title (ownership) of real property, and issues title insurance to protect the mortgage lender and homebuyer against claims arising from a defect in title.

Most of those surveyed also said they would recommend remote online notarization to others.

As the public, businesses and Notaries cope with ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19 variant strains and the risk of physical proximity to others, such favorable response to online home closings and remote online notarization is encouraging.

There are also numerous everyday reasons for embracing digital transactions involving remote online notarization.  They include enhanced accessibility for infirmed or mobility-challenged persons; eliminating drive-time for employees whose schedules make it difficult to handle personal needs during work hours; the convenience of electronic document management and storage; and the reassurance that access to a Notary Public is not affected by the medium (paper or electronic) in which a transaction is performed.

As consumer demand for remote online notarization grows, so will the demand for Florida notaries who have met the enhanced training, bonding and insurance requirements to also function as a Remote Online Notary.

Whether you’re a current Florida Notary Public or applying for your first Notary commission, let Notary Public Underwriters guide you toward your future as a Florida Remote Online Notary:

  • Need the state approved, mandatory training to become a Florida Notary Public or Remote Online Notary? We have it.
  • Want an efficient, straightforward online application and bonding process? We have that too!
  • Need the Remote Online Notary’s increased bond and mandatory errors and omissions insurance? Yes, we offer them plus of course the traditional Notary bond and various limits of errors and omissions insurance to fit your needs!

To learn more about becoming a Florida Notary Public or Remote Online Notary, visit www.NotaryPublicUnderwriters.com today, where you can also browse our informative blogs and Notary FAQs.  We exceed expectations, one Notary at time!

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