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Changing the Insert in Your Notary Embosser

You’ve just renewed your commission and now you need to change the insert for your Notary Embosser (your hand-held and desk embosser all in one!). Follow these four easy steps to get your embosser up-to-date and ready to notarize!
  1. Firmly hold your embosser in one hand and with the other, compress the circular portion of the insert containing your notary information.
changing the notary embosser insert 2. Once fully compressed, your current insert should easily slide out of the embossing handle 3. Take your new insert and compress the front of the circular area until you can slide it in to your handle. The new insert will have a label for the bottom and the top of the insert. The bottom of the insert is shown in the below picture. down side of the notary embosser   4. Align the rectangular holes on the insert with the embossing handle and gently release into place. insert new embosser inset Your embosser is now up-to-date and ready to go! If you would like a closer look at the embosser, our “Two Become One: Trodat Ideal Seal Notary Embosser” video demonstrates the correct way to change your insert. (36 seconds in, you can see one of our employees easily switching it out.) Don’t forget to properly dispose of your old embossing insert which may contain sensitive information. To dispose of your old insert, we suggest using a sharp metal object, such as scissors, to carefully deface the metal imprint. You may also send your old insert back to Notary Public Underwriters where we will properly dispose of it for you. You can watch our YouTube video which demonstrates the proper disposal method.  
Not all states accept the embosser as an official seal. Please check your state notary laws for more information.