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Notary Public Underwriters Blog

Happy Earth Day!

Check out what we do here at Notary Public Underwriters to help reduce our carbon footprint and build a sustainable earth...

Energy Efficiency:

  • Notary Public Underwriters' corporate office houses a 25kW solar Photovoltaic system, powering 22% of NPU's energy needs.
  • This system saves 27 tons of coal from being burned each year.
  • Our lighting is energy efficient and we use motion detectors to turn off key lights when not in use.
  • All windows in our office have tinted film to reduce HVAC energy consumption.

Products and Shipping

  • Biodegradable packing peanuts are used in shipping over 60,000 products each year.
  • The use of the biodegradable material prevents 288 cubic feet of solid waste from ending up in our environment annually.
  • All stamps from our supplier, TRODAT, are completely free from harmful heavy metals such as zinc, calcium or lead, which may be dangerous or damaging to the environment.


  • Notary Public Underwriters always makes a conscious effort to recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum, light bulbs, batteries, ink cartridges and computer components.
  • Notary Public Underwriters' recycling efforts save 13 tons of paper, 560 pounds of aluminum and 6 tons of cardboard from entering a landfill each year.


  • Notary Public Underwriters built 3 on-site rain gardens, in addition to the required storm run-off pond, to prevent pollutants from traveling downstream by allowing the water to percolate directly to the ground.
  • The rain gardens also protect the soil from erosion.

Take time to enjoy our great earth, today and everyday. Happy Earth Day 2011 from Notary Public Underwriters!