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Effective Now – Required Information Reporting for Florida Remote Online Notaries

Florida’s Department of State, Division of Corporations (DOS) has adopted a new administrative rule with an important reporting requirement for Online Notaries Public.

Every current Florida Online Notary Public must file Form No. DC-DOS-50 (see access information, below) no later than thirty days after the new rule’s February 22, 2022 effective date. Persons registering to function as a Florida Online Notary Public must submit this form at the time of his/her/their registration.

Moving forward, changes to any previously reported information must be submitted by the Online Notary within 30 days of the change, using the same Form DC-DOS-50.

What information does Form DC-DOS-50 collect?

Using this form, a Florida Online Notary will report:

  1. The name of every remote online notarization (RON) service provider the Online Notary uses;
  2. The date the Online Notary began using each RON service provider;
  3. The ending date (if applicable) of the use agreement between the Online Notary and a RON service provider;
  4. Whether the Online Notary delegated, to a secure repository, the Notary’s duty to retain electronic journal records of remote online notarizations. (The Remote Online Notary must provide the secure repository’s name, address, email or phone number; the date the repository began retaining the Notary’s electronic journal records; and any end date of the agreement, if applicable. A recent law change now requires RON service providers—not a Remote Online Notary—to retain the audio-video recordings of remote online notarizations.)

Obtain and File Form DC-DOS-50.

You may download* Form DC-DOS-50, complete it and email it to the Division of Corporations at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Notaries with questions about the form or related issues may contact the Notary Section at 850-245-6975.
*Click the “download” link, then click the PDF icon on the resulting web page.

Online Notaries, the 30-day period to timely file your Form DC-DOS-50 began on February 22, 2022. Don’t hesitate, file this required form now!

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