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Notary Public Underwriters Honors Yolonda Cave for 35 Years of Service


In honor of International Women’s Day, and her 35th anniversary of service, I sat down with Yolonda Cave, Project Manager at Notary Public Underwriters. The first thing I noticed about her, is that Yolonda has a quiet, peaceful, and confident energy about her. Several fellow co-workers stopped by her office to ask her quick questions before we started.

“Yolonda is an influential leader in our organization.” Says Chris Chee, President of NPU. “She is steadfast in her commitment to bringing her best game each and every day. Teaching others while simultaneously respecting their opinions has made her a fan favorite with employees.”

As I began my interview with her, I realized that Yolonda is a very confident businesswoman, but does not like the spotlight to be on her. Her humble personality is what makes her so approachable and easy to talk to. I immediately felt at ease with her.

Tell me about what it was like, 35 years ago, when you first started working for NPU.
When I started in 1988, NPU was a relatively new company with approximately 10 employees. The office was a house that had been remodeled to fit the needs of a growing company. The atmosphere was unlike any place that I had worked. 

Debbie Solomon, Co-Founder of NPU shared, “When I interviewed Yolonda for the job, she was only 18 years old! She thinks that WE gave her a chance, but the truth is that we needed HER! We desperately needed someone who was dependable and hardworking. I was so overwhelmed starting a new business and raising two little boys.” Debbie feels sentimental reflecting on that time in the company’s infancy. “During her career here, Yolanda has been the epitome of an inspirational, ambitious, and professional woman. NPU was only 3 years old when Yolanda was hired, so she has been here for just about everything. She grew up here! Something that stands out to me about Yolanda is her work ethic. She is reliable and incredibly loyal. These desirable qualities that Yolanda possesses have been an important cornerstone in building this company from the ground up. I call her one of my “Foundation Kids” because she has been here for so long and she has helped shape this company into what it is today. I am so grateful for everything she has given to this company that I love so much. Yolanda is family.”

How has NPU changed the most in 35 years?
Technology has changed how we process notary applications, produce stamps and embossers, and service our customers. It has allowed us to be more efficient and expand nationwide while allowing us to give our customers excellent personal customer care if or when needed. In 1988, the process to become or renew a notary commission involved the manual process of hand-keying all application data, delivering the physical application to the State, and waiting several weeks for the State to issue an expiration date before we could make the stamp/embosser. The process could take a few months. Now the information can be delivered electronically, which drastically reduces the processing time.

Anyone who sets foot inside the doors of NPU can immediately feel the positive energy that exudes from those who work there. NPU was even voted as one of the top places to work in Florida!

What do you love most about NPU?
I love how Jack and Debbie have created an atmosphere where they genuinely honor, respect, love, and value the employees. Although we work hard, the owners want us to have fun. I get to work with some of the most dedicated, intelligent, and fun people. I love what I do and the people that I’m surrounded by. Over the years, I’ve developed lasting relationships - NPU is family.

Tonya Godwin, one of the other “Foundation Kids” whom Debbie refers to, said “Yolonda and I have been through so many things during our careers at NPU that it’s hard to think of her as just a co-worker - she’s family. She has been a leader and mentor to so many of us through the years, offering advice, prayers, friendship, and so much more! She takes pride in this company and what we do here. Yolonda truly cares about NPU and the people here and wants both to succeed to the fullest.”

Why do you think NPU has been successful?
The People. WE have a common goal to make sure we operate with excellence and integrity. We value our customers and strive to make the process fast and easy.

Being a devoted wife, mom, and along with having such an important role at NPU, I always wonder how women, like Yolonda, can do it all with such grace.

How do you balance being a working mom and family?
I’m blessed to have an amazing family and career. Over the years, I’ve learned how precious life and time is. Once one or both are gone, you can’t get them back. When I’m at work, I try to give my undivided attention so that when I get home, my family can have all of me. It’s a blessing to work at NPU, where the culture values family life, so I don’t feel torn when my family life intersects with work.

What are some lessons you learned during your career that have shaped you?
Being at NPU has taught me how to work well with ones that have differing opinions or viewpoints so that we can work effectively as a team to meet the needs of the company and our customers. As part of the budget team, I’ve learned key financial skills. Making important financial goals and meeting them helped me manage my own home finances better.

In honor of International Women’s Day, what women have been inspiring role models to you? Who else do you look to for inspiration?

I come from a lineage of strong, resourceful, resilient, and hardworking women. I’m inspired by my Great Grandma, Miss T, who was always resourceful with the little she had. I watched my Grandma Cora work multiple jobs to purchase land and build her dream house, and she did it without taking out a mortgage. It took her many years, but she was determined to not owe anyone anything once her home was complete. My Mom, Earnestine Peace, has always worked multiple jobs to make sure my brothers and I had what we needed. She, along with my Grandmothers, modeled excellent work ethic, dedication, and unity. I’m amazed at the wisdom, maturity, and courageous spirits of my daughter, Teri, and granddaughter, Neriah. I don’t think I would be the woman that I am today without them, and all of the other great women that are in my life.

My greatest inspiration comes from my relationship with Jesus Christ. Daily, I spend time in His presence so that I can become more like Him. I want to live a life that reflects Him as Lord and Savior of my life.

What advice can you give to women who are embarking on a new career path?
My advice is to never stop learning, know your worth, surround yourself with knowledgeable people, don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself, you must have balance (have fun!!!), it’s okay to say “NO”, and most importantly - take care of yourself!

After our time together, Yolonda leaves me with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Not just because of her words, but because Yolonda radiates the essence of what Notary Public Underwriters is, as a company. NPU strives to create a positive work environment and family-centered culture for employees, who then, treat each customer as if they are part of the NPU family.

The world is a better place with inspirational women like Yolonda Cave, and businesses like Notary Public Underwriters.

-J. Park, Guest Writer


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