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Boost Your Business Credentials—Become a Notary Public


As employees, what do we all want?  Respect, responsibility, the opportunity to grow, and interesting work.  You’ll have all those, and more, when you become a Notary Public.

Far from being just a “sign and stamp” process, performing a notarial act requires knowledge of applicable state laws, a sharp eye for scanning documents to assess the notarial duties that need to be performed, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills.

Most people don’t realize that a Notary Public’s work is so highly responsible.  For example:

  1. A Notary must recognize when to decline to notarize because the present circumstances won’t allow them to comply with state law.
  2. When the notarial act to be performed isn’t clearly indicated on the document, the Notary must explain to the customer how to decide or obtain knowledge of the desired notarial act so the Notary can proceed.
  3. A Notary must skillfully and confidently examine all types of identification documents so they may “satisfactorily identify” the person before them who is requesting the notarization.
  4. Notaries typically create a record (in a record book or journal) of every notarial act performed, and those records are so credible that they are admissible in a court of law.

The notarial office is centuries-old, but it is just as relevant today.  Notaries Public are in high demand not only as employees, but also as independent, sole proprietors who accept appointments from the general public.

Having “Notary Public” on your resume can also be the extra something-special about you that wins you a new job or promotion.  In certain states, an individual seeking a Notary commission must prove themselves by taking training, or passing an examination.  Even in states that don’t require training or an exam for a Notary commission, new Notaries are voluntarily boosting their knowledge and value by taking Notary training courses and joining professional Notary organizations.  That level of dedication says a lot to an employer looking to hire only top-quality workers.

It costs nothing to explore becoming a Notary!  The reward will be boosting your business credentials and conveying your serious intent to be your best business self.  Just select your state below and begin exploring!



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