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What Being a Notary Public Does for Others


One of the most gratifying things about Notary Public Underwriters' dedication to helping people become notaries public is the way that notaries pay it forward to the many persons and businesses they serve. 

Over our 38 years in business, Notary Public Underwriters has proudly helped hundreds of thousands of individuals obtain their notary public commission.  That pride we feel has everything to do with the uniqueness of the notarial office itself. 

Being a notary public is service-focused, requiring a genuine desire and willingness to help others for very modest if any compensation.  For example:

  • Notaries deliver specialized document-signing formalities that others cannot provide for themselves. A notary's services are necessary to complete many of the most significant document transactions in our lives, whether it's buying a home, making a will, giving another person power of attorney... in fact there's not enough space to list all the circumstances here!
  • Notaries help create trust in an uncertain world. Their involvement in document signings assures those relying on the transaction that the named signer DID appear, DID sign or acknowledge their signature, and DID demonstrate their free will and understanding of their actions.
  • Notaries guard against potentially vulnerable people being harmed. They stop document signings when any circumstance causes the notary to believe the signer isn't fully aware and/or acting of their own free will. 
  • Notaries enhance America's workforce by serving as both an employee and a commissioned notary. (To all you hard-working employee notaries out there: you know you’re bringing the value, right?!)
  • Notarial acts foster person-to-person connection in an increasingly process-dominated world. No chatbots allowed... just genuine, face-to-face personal presence of the notary with you, whether the notarization involves a traditional ink signature on paper... or electronic documents and real-time, audio-visual presence before the notary (authorized in almost all states).

If these virtues describe YOU, consider becoming a notary public.  It's definitely a resume-booster, and can even earn you income if you perform notarizations for a fee (it’s a popular a side-hustle). 

Notary Public Underwriters will give you expert, fast and friendly help with filing for your notary commission (new and renewing notaries), meeting requirements such as mandatory training, and obtaining your surety bond (where applicable) and must-have notary tools such as your ink stamp and record book (journal).  We'd love to be a part of your notary public journey!

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