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Strategies for Notary Signing Agents to Boost Business and Gain More Clients


It's essential for notary signing agents to adopt effective strategies to gain more clients for business growth. This article explores various avenues, tips and tricks that signing agents can employ to expand their client base and increase revenue.


Leveraging Signing Services

Signing services function as intermediaries connecting notary signing agents with clients. While signing services serve as a common starting point, it is important to note that they typically offer lower compensation compared to direct work with lenders and title companies. However, signing services can offer a higher volume of work due to established connections, offering valuable experience for those aiming to transition to work directly with escrow and title companies in the future.

To find signing services, begin by Googling phrases such as "notary signing services near me" or "notary signing services in [your state]." Join signing agent-focused Facebook groups for recommendations. Sign up with multiple signing services to increase work opportunities.

The registration process involves completing forms that ask for basic personal information, notary credentials and other information they deem appropriate in their screening process. Upon the screening process, you may be contacted for an interview or additional information. Once accepted, you may need to sign a contract or an agreement, and be entered into their database.

When signing services have an assignment, they will contact you for availability and provide their rate. You can decide whether to accept or decline, and with most companies you will have the opportunity to counteroffer. Be sure to keep your phone nearby as these assignments are time-sensitive. Failure to respond quickly or an exorbitant counteroffer may result in the signing service moving on to the next notary.

Tip: Keep in mind, newer signing agents cannot command the same rates as more seasoned signing agents since they lack the necessary experience and cannot guarantee their work will be flawless. In the early stages, focus on networking and gaining knowledge about the job by taking on more signings before raising fees.

After agreeing on the terms of an assignment with the signing service, take the time to introduce yourself to the escrow or loan officer associated with the loan. This personal touch could make a big difference later. It can be as simple as, "Hi, this is [your name], the notary signing agent who will be working with your client, [client's name]. I just want to introduce myself. If you or the signer have any questions, or need any additional services later, please let me know."

Upon completion of the signing, follow up to show appreciation to clients and officers, whether through a thank-you note or a small gesture like bringing lunch. Building goodwill is essential.


The Direct Client Approach

After gaining experience and confidence, market yourself. Get in touch with escrow and title companies, as well as local real estate agents, and those that you have previously built a rapport with to find out about their needs and offer your services.

By marketing directly, notary signing agents can bypass signing services, retaining more of their earnings. Building relationships with these entities is crucial for long-term success.

Tip: These entities will have high expectations. If you are lacking the experience to perform signings flawlessly, be patient and obtain more experience with the signing services before attempting to work directly.

Tip 2: Be aware that soliciting work directly from these entities may lead to competition with signing services for clients, which may result in being removed from their database(s).


Embrace Digital Marketing

If you haven't already, establish a professional online presence through a website, Google Business Profile and social mediate to highlight your services and build a brand. Include details on your website such as your expertise, service fees, contact information and social media links. Be sure to post engaging content consistently on social media to boost your visibility and attract new clients.

To target potential clients, you may also employ online marketing techniques like Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on search engines and other online platforms. Thoroughly research this option as it typically involves a learning curve.


Local Offline Marketing

In some cases, traditional marketing may be effective. Consider attending local networking events, industry mixers, and community fairs. These gatherings provide valuable opportunities to engage with real estate professionals, mortgage brokers, and potential clients. Distribute your business cards strategically, ensuring that your contact information is readily available. Active participation in these events not only enhances your visibility but also allows you to establish a personal connection with individuals who can potentially refer clients to you.

Beyond networking events, actively engage with the local community. Sponsorship of local events, involvement in charity activities, and participation in neighborhood gatherings can contribute to building a positive reputation. When signing agents are seen as active and supportive members of the community, it can create a memorable impression, making residents more likely to choose your services when the need arises.


Create a Notary Network

Create a network of experienced, like-minded notaries within your state interested in enhancing their marketing efforts. The objective is not to compete with one another but to improve everyone's chances of working with an entity by making it more convenient and affordable to hire someone within your network versus a signing service.

The network members develop and approve the standards and guidelines. This might consist of:

  • A minimum number of successful signings
  • Not receiving a fee for referring work to another member within the network
  • Each network member charges their own fees
  • Members must be located a certain distance apart
  • Each member bears some of the expenses related to maintaining the network website

Individually, members will market and promote the website to their contacts, and collectively, they will devise marketing strategies. To reach a larger audience, each member can include a link to the network website on their own personal business website, and vice versa.


Know Your Advertising Laws

Understanding and complying with state laws regarding advertising notary services is crucial. Improper advertising could lead to fines or loss of commission. To help prevent this scenario, you might want to read this article.


 How to get more signing agent business


Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is intended for general informational purposes only. The strategies, tips, and tricks discussed are based on common industry practices and trends. However, it is important to note that they may not guarantee success for every individual or business. The effectiveness of these suggestions can vary based on individual experiences, skills, and market conditions. Readers are strongly encouraged to exercise their own judgment and discretion when applying these strategies to their specific situations.


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