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Tips for Getting Your Notary Application Accepted the FIRST Time

AS - Application Acceptance Tips

TIPS for Getting Your Application ACCEPTED the FIRST Time

The process of becoming a notary public varies per state: some states require references, some states require a copy of your driver’s license, and some states even require the completion of an education course. If any of these requirements are not met, your application cannot be submitted for approval by the state. To help ensure your application gets accepted the first time, we compiled a list of helpful tips to keep in mind when completing the application process.

Print clearly

Block letters and dark ink help with readability for the state.

Complete the application in its entirety

Even if you are a renewal, your application must be completely filled out.

List a home physical address

No P.O. boxes or places of business (unless otherwise specified)

Make sure the bond is signed in your legal name

The name listed on the bond and application must match

Submit a full payment

We cannot submit your application to the state without collecting the appropriate state fees

REVIEW your application before submitting or mailing

Make sure everything that is required is included: copies of identification cards, education course fulfillment certificates, references, etc.   Turnaround time for notary public applications are dependent upon the state, but they are also dependent upon you. We do our best to get you commissioned as soon as possible. By following the tips listed above, we can make that happen for you sooner than later!